Freedom in Light of the Cross

Last year marked the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Many news commentators (radio, TV, newspaper) took a look at key components of this historical and much acclaimed speech to see where we are as a nation in the 21st Century.  Many felt we have accomplished the freedom of which Dr. King dreamed, while others disagreed.  Regardless of the school of thought that we embrace, we must celebrate our diversities and cultural blessings.

Dr. Martin L. King tasted something out of the ordinary and eloquently conveyed that in his speech.  To impact, inspire, or motivate others, one must have experienced the same impartation, inspiration, or motivation. It is impossible to lead someone where one has not been.

I am challenged this year as we celebrate Black History Month to point us to the excellent and perfect example of freedom that Dr. King tasted and conveyed in his speech.  As Christian home schoolers, our understanding of that freedom will go a long way to bring us together, to bridge the gap, and to bring us as a nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood.  The freedom that Jesus Christ made available to all mankind through His sacrifice on the cross gives us a yardstick for freedom.  This sacrifice on the cross is far greater than any we may imagine, and it crosses every barrier imaginable no matter one’s color, background, race, gender, or nationality.  One can experience and have the gift of eternal life through the acknowledgment of our sins and faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, our sacrificial lamb.  The peace, joy, and possession of God’s promises in the life of anyone who has committed his life to Christ, is a strong proof that God indeed meant for all to have freedom.  This freedom in Christ is available to all.  As a former Muslim, I know firsthand this proof, that freedom in Christ is available to whosoever.

Let us make this year’s Black History Month celebration a time for all of us, no matter our color; let us reach out and touch someone in need of encouragement, motivation, inspiration, guidance, love, and acceptance.  Is it not amazing that no matter the color of our skin we all feel the same about love, pain, grief, sorrow, rejection, hope, and acceptance? I am impressed that THSC has celebrated in the last three years Black History Month through this special column in the Texas Home School Coalition RevieW in February.  This speaks volumes to the minority home school community in Texas, echoing that Texas homeschoolers are as diverse as God’s creation. It also shows that we are moving toward Dr. King’s dream in ensuring that our nation live out the true meaning of its creed—“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.”

This 2004 Black History Month, I strongly encourage that we use the words of Dr. King; that we work together to protect our home school freedom not only in Texas but also in this nation; that we pray together so that we may all live peaceably; and in addition, that we all stand shoulder to shoulder supporting each other in our noble call of home schooling. Freedom is freedom when it is available to ALL.  To read a complete text of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech, visit