Dispute in Collin County

In 2010 the Texas attorney general’s office became involved in what is widely believed in Collin County to be a vendetta against the judge who defeated the incumbent. Recently the newly elected district attorney moved to ask the attorney general to withdraw from the case and allow an impartial prosecutor to review it. In the public documents (below) he filed regarding this issue he says, “Criminal prosecutions should be about the facts and the law, not about the identities of the prosecutors, the defendant, and the witnesses. That ideal has broken down in these cases. . . .Criminal cases are not meant to be tried by accusatory press releases cloaked as legal proceedings and supported by selective excerpts of statements gathered in a confidential FBI report.” The DA goes on to outline facts that call into question the impartiality of the AG’s attorneys and the nature of their association with the previous DA.

Public Documents

District Attorney’s Motion for the Appointment of a New, Impartial and Disinterested Attorney Pro Tem.

District Attorney’s Reply to the State’s Response