Letting them G(r)o(w)

Most home school moms I know are used to being in control of their children’s lives. Think of this: we are not like others who send their children off to school and are not really aware of what is happening in our child’s experience for several hours five days a week.

In those early days of homeschooling, I always knew (or at least thought I knew) where my children were, who they were with, and what they were doing. As they grew — and honestly, especially when they got driver licenses — that changed. It was time for me to do some changing as well. I had to learn to let them go, and thereby grow. I now try to warn home school moms that this is in their futures too.

During a struggle with one of my teens, a friend told me that I should “trust my raising” of that child. However, I had been there; I knew that my raising of my children had not been perfect. I did have to learn to trust their Heavenly Father.

We hope you will benefit from these articles and find some encouragement and tools for enjoying your teens because, no matter how old your children are now, that time will come!

May you have a wonderful holiday season with your teens and the rest of your family!