Home Schooled Student Volunteers 335 Hours in One Year!

THSC would like to congratulate 14-year-old home schooled student Alexandria Spaller, who has recently received the President’s Gold Award and the Girl Scout’s Silver Award for 335 hours of volunteer service. In one year, Alex has spent many hours volunteering for the Plano community, Heritage Farmstead Museum, Minnie’s Food Pantry, Hidden Vale Stables, the Plano Balloon Festival, Plano Teen Court, Girl Scouts, and High Adventure Treks for Dads and Daughters. Alexandria enjoys giving her commitment, teamwork, leadership, and service to all of these activities.

Alex is the daughter of Dave and Nicole Lightner-Spaller of Plano and is a freshman at their home school, DreamWeaver Academy, where she has always been homeschooled. THSC is proud of home schoolers in Texas and the hours they spend in serving others!