ALEKS Math: A Review

I prepare approximately 252 meals a week for my family. Thirty-five loads of laundry swirl through my washer. Twenty-one piano students plunk a sonata on our baby grand, and four public school students stop by for tutoring or mentoring. I write for and date my husband each week. My schedule is not only time challenged, but preparing and grading math lessons drains me faster than a shallow tub unplugged by dirty toddlers.

Enter ALEKS.

I am so thankful for ALEKS Math. My once-inhibited and ordinal-ly challenged children are now prime candidates for cardinal competitions. They are finally happy to discuss math problems and concepts, thanks to this wonderful program.

My fourteen-year-old says, “ALEKS explains math concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand way.”

ALEKS gives each student an online placement test and then offers encouragement with a colored progress pie chart. As a concept is mastered, confidence is boosted when the knowledge pie expands. ALEKS does not assume that the student knows anything but instead explains the basics in simple terms. The program lays out what has been mastered and what lies ahead so that the student sees the end of the road. As a busy mom I appreciate the progress reports emailed to me—they make logging easy.

College credit can be granted when upper-level math has been completed and the student is registered with ACE Credit Online Transcript System. This information is easily accessed through the ALEKS program.

ALEKS has saved the day in the area of math for our family. I have full confidence that my children understand their math lessons, and I have satisfaction in knowing that math is no longer a dreaded chore for them. ALEKS frees me to keep my number-calculating pupils in clean clothes and full of nutritious food. Let’s hear it for ALEKS!

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