Home School Senior Elected Delegate

Congratulations to Alex Hedtke, a 17-year-old home schooled senior from Red Oak who was elected as a delegate to the Republican Party of Texas’ State Convention from a slate of more than a hundred nominees. Alex will be the youngest delegate there. His 18th birthday actually falls on May 29, the date of the primary elections.

This is a hard-won accomplishment for Alex. He has been active in local, county, and federal races for the last several years, attending volunteer deputy voter registrar trainings; planning voter registration drives; distributing flyers informing the general public of city council races, school board races, federal races, and local issues; and attending city board and council meetings, county commissioners court meetings, Tea Party meetings, and GOP meetings.

Alex has set an amazing example for home schooler students in Texas. Being politically active is vital as attacks on parental rights and home schooling freedoms increase.