Have You Ever Caught a Vision?

Becky Ryan and Arlene Alderman

Have you ever caught a vision? It is often similar to catching a summer cold: completely unexpected. Two years ago at the THSC Leadership Conference, Arlene and I caught a vision. It shouldn’t have been unexpected, because we went seeking God’s will for our own home schools, as well as for our group, but it was! Truly, we stuck our noses into as much of what was going on as we could; it’s that kind of conference. We realized pretty early that we wanted to soak up as much as possible from as many of the other leaders there as possible, and we did. But it was the presence of so many men in leadership that left us awestruck. Our group had never looked like that, and we had no idea how to make it happen either. We did know that a vision had been caught–God’s vision. We left the conference knowing that we wanted to find some way in which they would be amenable to include our husbands in leadership.

Fast-forward one year to last year’s leadership conference. We hadn’t accomplished much toward our vision, but we were back, and we brought two more leaders with us. We were also in different leadership positions that would hopefully allow us to make the changes we so wanted to make. Again the conference renewed our vision and helped us share it with our other leaders. We got serious about the “how-to” of getting men involved and asked a lot of questions to a lot of people. (Think “a lot” and then triple that.) The THSC board members were incredibly willing to help, offer suggestions, and answer questions, even during their time off. We really do have great people leading our state in home schooling!

Even though the wheels of progress turn slowly, we are making progress toward our vision. We have come up with a way to restructure our leadership to make it more efficient in the day-to-day running of our group, but more importantly, we have added an Executive Board of couples. In case you didn’t quite get that, we will have men and women responsible for the overall leadership of our organization. We are so excited! And it is truly because God led us to attend the leadership conferences in the first place.

Will you catch a vision if you attend the THSC Leadership Conference? Maybe. Will you be inspired, motivated, and excited to be a leader among other great leaders? Definitely! You will leave refreshed, with your passion for home schooling and leading renewed, and before you leave, you will put the next year’s conference date on your calendar. It’s that important, and it’s that much fun!