Inspirational Leadership

When I first began homeschooling and was new to leadership, I made many mistakes – I still do. However, a dear friend who had been homeschooling several years served as a mentor and guide to me in those early years. Her words of encouragement always inspired me to do more, learn more, and improve as a leader, if for no other reason than to live up to her ideals. She continually shared with me her views on home education, and I found that her vision strengthened my own. She used not just one conversation, but many to pass on a vision and ignite a fire that spurred me to action.

To inspire means to motivate or encourage someone to greater effort, enthusiasm, or creativity. We can inspire others and motivate them with our actions, our words, and our own enthusiasm and efforts. I have known a few leaders whose very presence could change the atmosphere of a meeting. These people are simply bubbling over with energy, and it is contagious. Their voices, their body language, and their abundance of ideas, combined with their willingness to serve and implement those ideas soon have everyone excited and ready to jump in and help. Other leaders may be practical and steady, but their reliability and servant leadership is both calming and inspiring.

Whatever your personality or leadership style, your position as a leader is one of influence. If you are excited about home schooling and genuinely wish to encourage other home school families, eventually others will be motivated, and they, too, will feel that irresistible urge to pick up the baton and lead.