Jim Loose

In October of 2007, just days after his wife’s death, Jim Loose heard an unexpected knock at his front door. When he opened the door, a process server was standing there, ready to serve him with legal papers initiated by his late wife’s father, who alleged one thing—and one thing only—that Jim was not going to allow his daughter to attend her own mother’s funeral.

A Fort Worth judge issued “temporary orders” against this father, calling for the removal of his daughter under this so-called “temporary” arrangement.

Jim Loose endured the unbelievably painful process of having to say goodbye to his scared little girl as three armed police officers responded to the orders of this biased judge to remove her from her home and the arms of her loving father. From that point forward, Jim fought hard to regain his parental rights that had been so quickly snatched from him.

He continued through the legal process, representing himself, jumping through the high hoops that were set, all while the grandparents, their attorneys, and this biased judge stomped all over his rights as a parent by attempting to drag this case out for two years, to the point where this fit father was at the end of his rope—physically, emotionally, and financially to the point of bankruptcy.

He found himself in a losing battle. To quote Mr. Loose, it was at this point that “the Texas Home School Coalition kind of came riding in, as I was about out of bullets, and hired a couple of attorneys who performed heroically.” THSC was instrumental in righting the wrongs in this case and receiving a successful outcome, and we could not have done it without the generous giving of THSC members and supporters, both through their prayers and their pocketbooks.

After many delays and abuses of law, the case of this fit father was finally out of the hands of an abusive judge and into the hands of a jury of 12 non-partial peers. What followed was nine days of trial testimony and deliberation and finally a unanimous jury decision to, after three long years of separation, rightfully reunite this father with his daughter.

This is not the only case of its kind. As this one is hopefully coming to a close, another has already popped up on our radar, and we have joined with another member family to protect their rights against grandparent accusations and judicial injustice.

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