The Importance of Planning

As I write, a winter storm has blasted the Texas Panhandle and is moving across the state. Because of the weather, certain plans now have to be changed. We all know that at times unexpected circumstances occur that force us to alter or change even the best-laid plans; but for most of us planning is a part of our daily lives, and without some planning many important things might not get done.

Whether you are planning a graduation, a major homeschool event, or you’re making plans to improve your leadership skills, we all know the results of good planning. Unfortunately, most of us also know the results of poor planning as well. Much of what I have read recently in regards to leadership and leadership training has emphasized the value of teamwork, and event planning is no exception. Good event planning requires teamwork.

It has been my experience, though, that when it comes to planning, teams are usually made up of people with different strengths and weaknesses. There are those who love to plan and those who love to do. Planners want to plan every event down to the smallest detail, and they enjoy the planning process so much that they spend countless hours planning, but sometimes they have trouble moving on to the actual work. Then there are those who don’t want to spend much time planning and are impatient to get on with the work. In almost every team on which I have served, there are usually both types of people, and it takes both personality types to do a good job. Because people are different, however, it is sometimes difficult to get people who function very differently to work together. The trick as leaders is to help people recognize their own strengths. This is a skill that I am still struggling to master, but a few tips I have learned are: spend much time in prayer, extend patience, and extol the virtues of each team member to the other members of the team. People rarely have trouble recognizing their own strengths; but if they can also recognize the strengths of others, real teamwork can happen, and those you are trying to serve will reap the benefits of a well-planned, well-organized and well-constructed event.