Why Blog?

Why blog? Seriously, it can be intimidating. Blog – the term is a contraction of the term “Web log.“ I wondered why anyone would be interested in reading the ramblings of little ol’ me. After all, there are more than a million blogs in the blogosphere, many of them written by Christian moms. However, I decided it would be good for me to step out of my comfort zone and try it. That was almost two years ago.

To my astonishment, my blog has grown. I have enjoyed meeting people from all over the country – if you count getting funny comments and emails from them once in a while as meeting them. I’m sure the occasional picture of one of my kids is only interesting to the grandparents, but I do it anyway. It pleases me.

One thing I didn’t expect is that blogging would help to unite our little home school group. I am constantly surprised when someone says to me, “I read on your blog …” Really, someone reads my blog? They do, and they seem to enjoy following what is happening in my home. I KNOW. It’s a mystery to me, too. It’s not that interesting from this side of the walls.

As leaders, the families in our groups look up to us. Sure, we may not deserve it. We’re not any different than others, but it is natural, I guess. Blogging has made me available; it’s made me real. If I have a bad day and I blog about it, that might make someone else feel normal. I notice that they feel more like I understand their problems. Many of them have shared with me that one of my posts really encouraged them and reminded them that it’s okay to have a hard day.

It’s been interesting to see, since I started blogging, how they all feel like they know me. It would be impossible for me to develop relationships with the 100+ women in our group, but when they read my blog, they get to know me – my heart and my mistakes. I am not shy about blogging when I do something stupid. It takes me off my pedestal (you know, the one I shouldn’t be on in the first place!) and makes me relatable.

I love to use my blog to connect women in the group to each other. I’ll write about something that is happening in town or an activity in which our kids are involved. I will post pictures of Park Day or Co-op and highlight their children (with their permission, of course). This past Christmas I posted a picture of one of the twelve-year-old boys in the group. He’s kind of shy and doesn’t say much, but when I posted his picture, I said something like, “This kid is a charmer.” Since then he’s been chatty and morefriendly with me. His mom told me that it really made him feel important to see himself on my blog. How great is that?!

Mentioning the women in our home school group on my blog lets them know I am thinking about them. It has been a wonderful tool for me to give them attention when I don’t have time otherwise in my daily life. Even if I don’t use their names, saying something like “I ran into a wonderful friend at the store yesterday” lets them know that they are special to me.

Last year when our family went through a crisis, I used my blog to keep everyone updated. Our home school group was concerned, and my blog became the perfect avenue for me to let them know how I was doing without constant phone calls and emails.

I’d encourage you, as leaders, to try blogging. It doesn’t have to be high pressure. Just be yourself and share things that you love. If you’re passionate about politics, then blog about it. If you read a lot, start a book suggestion/discussion blog. If you’re like me and you have nothing interesting to say, just talk about yourself. Jump on in – what are you waiting for?