Home School Team Wins 1st at BEST Robotics

A Texas high school team of 16 home schooled students recently took top honors in competition. The Genesis of Robotics team attended the Denton County BEST (Boosting Engineering Science and Technology) competition at the University of North Texas in Denton, October 27.

Genesis of Robotics, along with other area high school teams, undertook a six-week challenge to build a robot modeled after the conceptual NASA space elevator. The robot needed to climb a 10-foot pole while performing tasks that simulate the delivery of space cargo, such as fuel cells and solar panels. In addition, teams could choose to compete for the top all round BEST award by including aspects of marketing, design, presentation, and spirit.

Genesis of Robotics won the following awards at the Denton County BEST competition:
1st Place Plaque – Notebook
1st Place Plaque – Presentation
1st Place Plaque – Marketing/Booth
1st Place Plaque – BEST new team (to the competition)
3rd Place Plaque – Robot
1st Place Trophy – BEST Award (Top All Round Award)

Upon winning the award, the team huddled in the center of the UNT coliseum to pray, giving God the glory!