Congratulations to Miss Ryleigh Thomas

We are pleased to announce that Miss Ryleigh Thomas, a 1st grade home schooler, won 2nd place in the national quarterly writing contest sponsored by Young Voices Foundation. Ryleigh entered her story in the K-2nd grade category and wrote a wonderful family adventure story called, “A Family Back in Time.” Her story and picture are featured on the Young Voices website.

Each writer was challenged to write a fiction or non-fiction family adventure story. Contestants from all over the country participated, and winners were announced via the organization’s website.

Learn more about upcoming Young Voices writing contests by visiting the Young Voices website.

We would love to hear from you. Send us your home school success stories!


  1. Ron says

    This is great. Homeschooled children are definitely better educated than those going to public schools and yet homeschooled children are generally looked down upon.
    Home schooled children’s parents should be given the choice to pay their tax money to a fund that supports homeschooling, particularly if a child was bullied in school and the school allowed the bullying to go on and put minority children at risk and be abused.
    There is no such law in Texas but action should be taken to introduce a Bill in Texas legislature for consideration.