Legislative Actions

Things are beginning to get underway here at the Capitol. Bills relating to parental rights, college tuition, child abuse, credit hours, vouchers, and grandparent access have been filed. We at the Texas Home School Coalition are currently focused on two pieces of legislation that would have significant impact on home schoolers across Texas.

They are:

1. The Parental Rights Restoration Act

A major loophole currently exists in the Grandparent Access Statue, which allows grandparents to take possession of their grandchildren for an undefined “temporary” period of time, without providing any evidence that this is really in the best interest of those children. Unfortunately, grandparents have exploited this loophole for the purpose of preventing fit single parents from home schooling their own children.

In the case of Jim Loose, this loophole was used to take his daughter away from him for more than three years. Cases such as these blatantly disregard the fundamental and constitutional right of a fit parent to raise his or her own children in a manner they deem best.

For several sessions we have fought to pass legislation that would close this loophole. This session we feel confident that we will be successful.

2. The Equal Access Bill

This piece of legislation would allow home schoolers to compete in UIL activities, using the facilities for which our public tax dollars already pay. We also believe it would raise the bar on academic and athletic competition by giving coaches a larger pool of students from which to choose.

Besides these two pieces of legislation, we’re also tracking numerous other bills that have the potential to impact home schoolers in positive and negative ways. Stay tuned as we at the Coalition continue to protect your right to parent.

-David Huber, Legislative Liaison


    • David Huber says

      We are currently working on authors for our bills. I will post the bill numbers, once we get them filed.

  1. Trent Williams says

    It’s true. I’m working here in Austin alongside of David and we are experiencing the excitement and challenge of the 83rd legislative session!