Seton Hospital’s Discriminatory Policy

Recently a home school graduate applied for a job position at Seton Hospital and was in the hiring process when Seton contacted him regarding his home school diploma. The hospital stated they were unable to complete the hiring process because they could not accept his diploma as a valid confirmation of graduation. Tim wrote a letter confirming the validity of home school diplomas in Texas.

Read the letter.


  1. Mary Ellen Mitchell says

    Thanks again, Tim, for a well-written response to an astounding situation. Hopefully, their policy will change shortly.

  2. says

    Your response was well done, Mr. Lambert. Thank you from the home schooling community! I think your addition of the possibility of race, was a well played card. Often, conservative Christians are accused, and often, falsely. It is time to use the same rhetoric, in well timed responses, to expose the hypocrisy of those that are quick to attack, defame, accuse and deride, all in the name of liberal foo-fah, to bring shame, embarrassment and defensiveness into the minds, and out of the mouths, of people that hold to conservative values. This reminds me of a talk show wherein a young man of about 13 was interviewed. He graduated from college with a Masters, was already running his own fortune 500 company, and was questioned by a person, “…but are you still going to get a high school diploma??… What about the high school diploma??..”. I was shocked at the sheer stupidity of her question, and amazed at her lack of being able to intelligently think for herself. The public school system of teaching dependence on government, and liberal legalistic irrational, excessive, and foolish babble that tells you how to think, what to think, had totally robbed her of any sensibility or discernment, which led to her ignorant question. Thank you to the Lord for helping us home educate our children!