THSC Suit Against CPS Continues

The THSC federal civil rights lawsuit against CPS continues in Houston. This suit was filed on behalf of a Houston grandmother who had her grandchildren illegally removed from her by CPS. We have written before about the travesty of justice against this godly grandmother, her own daughter, and her grandchildren by CPS. The case has been ongoing since last spring.

Recently, depositions were taken in the case on both sides of the lawsuit, and the mother of the children in question, who had disappeared due to an ongoing struggle with addiction, gave testimony that supported the claims of the grandmother and undermined the claims of the CPS workers and supervisors.

An interesting fact in the case is that at CPS’ first meeting with the mother of the children, the agent arrived with a pre-written letter for her to sign. The letter stated that she wanted to place her children in foster care. She refused to sign it and specified that she wanted the children with her mother. It is important to note that this was just after CPS had illegally taken the kids from their grandmother while the mother was in a rehabilitation facility.

At a second meeting with the daughter, the CPS agent related that they were not placing the children with the grandmother because of a suspected bipolar disorder and other issues that were fabricated by CPS officials.

What is vital about the daughter’s testimony is that at the first meeting with CPS, they made clear that it was her choice as to whether her children stayed in foster care (where CPS had placed them after the illegal removal) or with the grandmother. They tried to convince the mother to sign their pre-written statement (which would have been a major coup for them and a way to cover their illegal actions) by telling her that her mother was planning to adopt the kids out from under her, which was also a total fabrication. It was not until later, at a second meeting, that the “bipolar” issue—again, a fabrication—was used as an excuse as to why CPS was refusing to place the kids with family as she had instructed.

In the depositions of the CPS officials, they acknowledge their actions and claim they were only doing what their supervisors told them to do. When asked if they would follow such an order if they were told to go to a local daycare center and take a child at random without a court order, they replied that they would do so trusting that their superior was in the right.

These same officials acknowledged receiving the CPS legal memorandum clearly stating that it was illegal and against CPS policy to take children from a home without a court order.  When asked if their actions were in direct conflict with this directive, they simply replied that they were not sure.

Please continue to pray for THSC Special Counsel for CPS issues, Chris Branson, as he and his team continue to seek to hold these rogue CPS officials accountable for the terrible harm they did to these children and for the violation they committed against this godly grandmother who was trying desperately to protect her grandchildren.