When You Look at the World, What Do You See?

What you look through really makes a difference in what you see.

Take rose-colored glasses, for example. When someone is accused of “looking at the world through rose-colored glasses,” the speaker means that the person sees everything in a positive way and probably thinks of things as better than they actually are. Those glasses are like a person’s paradigm. They color everything a person sees. In the same way one’s paradigm, his worldview, colors his perception of all things.

We all have experiences and beliefs that impact our perception of reality. If we depend entirely on ourselves (our experiences, knowledge, etc.) our vision will be distorted, because we are finite human beings. Where do we get the wisdom that we need for the right perspective?

I believe that the only way we can have the right view of the world, life and, well, anything is to look through God’s glasses—His wisdom. We will never understand that wisdom completely, but we can find much about it in His Word (Hebrews 11:33). We need to avail ourselves of that wisdom and transform our thinking to agree with His (Romans 12:2).

As home schooling parents, we have the opportunity and responsibility to help our children develop correct paradigms through which, Lord willing, they will look at the world God made long after they are no longer under our care.

Praise the Lord and carpe diem!