Alex Brace Story

After the divorce, Wesley Brace opted to home school his young daughter, Alex. For him, this was the best way to invest in her life. His former wife, however, disagreed. She believed that home schooling would make Alex “weird” and she filed for full custody.

That was twenty years ago. Because of your partnership and support of THSC, we were able to join Wesley in the fight for his daughter and the suit failed. Alex has since blossomed into a woman of God and has become another home school success story.

This Spring being Texas’ 83rd legislative session, THSC, more than ever, is working with families in similar situations. We have even taken on a volunteer team of six home school graduates to lobby at the capitol. But without the support of the homeschool community, even THSC’s ability to simply defend the freedoms we have to raise our children, would be crippled.

Between now and May 17th THSC needs $50,000 in order to continue our legal battles to protect families in the courts and to fix broken laws in the Texas Legislature. Please consider supporting THSC monetarily and with your prayers.

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