Meet the 2013 Leaders of the Year – Trine and Jamie Miranda

From balancing family with education to the perfect blend of social activity and life experiences, support group leaders are a special breed. This year’s Support Group Leader of the Year is unlike any we have had before.

“She has devoted years to helping every home school family she knows. Everyone in our group talks about her generosity, how she goes over and above regular service to make our group a friendly and helpful place to meet and support one another.”

“The unusual thing is that they finished home schooling approximately seven years ago yet they continue to tirelessly lead the support group. They both have full-time jobs and lead very busy lives but they manage to make time to run a very active group. She holds monthly meetings, organizes fun and educational field trips, and offers an annual science fair and culture fair, plus many more activities. She writes the newsletter for the group, puts the roster together, and keeps the group running smoothly with little or no ‘drama.’ She does so much and yet always gives the praise to the people who help her. Her husband Trine has played a big part in offering support to her and helping her run the group. They are both remarkable people with a real ‘heart’ for home schooling! I was one of the first members of the group and have witnessed their great leadership skills and positive attitude over many years. They have been instrumental in equipping many home school moms and dads over the years to become leaders of their own support groups.”

Our 2013 THSC Support Group Leader of the Year, from the Home and Values Educators’ Network (HAVEN), is Trine and Jamie Miranda.