Tim Tebow Bill – Addressing Concerns

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SB 929 by Paxton/HB 1374 By Dutton

A small but vocal contingent of home school families has voiced concerns that the Tim Tebow Bill will lead to increased regulation of home schools. The Texas Home School Coalition has received a wealth of support from an overwhelming majority of home schoolers who are in favor of the Tim Tebow Bill. The ratio of home school families who called to support the bill to those who called in opposition was approximately four to one. At the hearing, approximately three times as many home school families registered in supported of the bill as those who opposed it.

Concern: The Tim Tebow Bill separates home schools from traditional private schools by adding a definition of “home school” into the law. This addition would place a “foot in the door” for future regulation of home schools.

Response: The Tim Tebow Bill references a definition of “home school” that was written into Chapter 29.916 of the education code six years ago. Texas law already distinguishes between home schools and traditional private schools in several sections, and no increased regulations have arisen as a result.

Concern: The Tim Tebow Bill’s testing requirement usurps parental authority.

Response: Subsection D of the Tim Tebow Bill explicitly outlines that the parent retains ultimate authority and oversight of all academic standards relating to participation in UIL activities.

Concern: Many other states allow home schoolers to participate in UIL activities and those states are high regulation.

Response: Twenty-seven other states, both high- and low-regulation, already allow home school students to participate in public school interscholastic activities. None of those 27 states have seen increased regulation as a result of their Tim Tebow laws.

Concern: There’s no need for this legislation because private and home schools already have full opportunities available to them.

Response: Home school students who live in rural areas of Texas do not have the same opportunities as students who live in the metropolitan areas. Many of them must drive for hours to reach the nearest sports, music, or drama program available to them. Additionally, home school students do not have the option of playing in the private school league (TAPPS).


  1. Chris says

    The Pros out weigh the Cons, lets get this done for the kids…
    The other states have no increase in regulation so getting a great home school education and participating in UIL is possible. I can’t see why this is taking so long?

    • Ginny says

      Chris, I am very disappointed in Mr. Aycock. I thought that this would be the year that this would be done simply because he stated we would have his support. It is a shame that the power of one man is holding back the majority rule. I am very saddened by this. I do have full confidence, however, that this will indeed pass one day. It is a certainty.

  2. Chris says

    Thanks Ginny I believe you are right, it just hurts to see my kids get older and working there butts off not to have a chance.. Mr. Aycock is your typical politician now a days!

    • Ginny says

      Mr. Lambert,

      Can the results of the recent vote by the senate influence Mr. Aycock to vote? Also, I have contacted other committee members. Can they encourage him to vote as well if they are getting calls or is that considered out of turn? Do you think there is a chance?

      • Tim Lambert says


        It is a huge development for the Tebow bill to be voted out of the Senate 21-7 and if all members had been there the vote would have been 23-8. This development means that the deadline in the House for House bills to pass in two weeks now is not our deadline. SB 929 will be sent over from the Senate and gives us more evidence that there is a broad bi-partisan consensus for this bill. Other Committee members can speak to the Chairman about their view, but the call is up to him. There is hope!

  3. Ginny says

    Mr. Lambert, I noticed on your FB page of these results that “139 likes” were made. If each one of those people called, I hope it helps. On the other hand, I feel if a person has the power/authority to do what they want otherwise…would it still help (?) I call about twice a week but I am not sure if he gets the messages. :)