TPRRA Hearing Update

Yesterday dozens of home schoolers came to the Texas Capitol to give their support for restoring parental rights by registering in favor of the Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (TPRRA) (HB 2547) and against HB 393, a bill that would expand lawsuits against fit parents by vindictive in-laws.

During the testimony on the bills several families and children shared their stories of financial and personal devastation as a result of these lawsuits and asked the committee to take action to not allow this to happen to other families by passing HB 2547 and opposing HB 393. By all appearances their stories had a great impact on the committee. Only one attorney, representing the Texas Family Law Foundation, gave testimony against the TPRRA, and one attorney, representing the same group, gave testimony in favor of HB 393.

Your calls made a great impact. We hope to see this bill voted out of committee next week. The testimony on these bills begins at 3:55 p.m.

We are also working hard to get a hearing on the Senate version of the TPRRA (SB 1194). Please pray for our efforts as we seek to change the law to restore parental rights in Texas.