Vote HB 1374 Out!

This week I followed up with Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock, chairman of the House Public Education Committee. He had previously expressed his support for HB 1374, the “Tim Tebow Bill,” which would allow Texas home schoolers to participate in UIL activities.

He told me that he would not allow a vote on the bill in yesterday’s hearing and seemed uncertain of his support. I pointed out the same reasons we have given before and also let him know that Arkansas is about to become the 28th state to let home school students have equal access to extracurricular activities in public schools.

I am concerned that Chairman Aycock is getting calls from coaches and superintendents who are against the bill and that he could be “slow walking” the bill by waiting as long as possible to pass it out of committee, or not allow a vote at all, in spite of the fact that seven or eight of the 11 committee members support the bill. As we learned last session, a bill can be effectively killed by simply waiting so long to pass it out of committee that it does not have time to get a vote on the House floor.

The home school community needs to contact Chairman Aycock’s office and politely ask him to support HB 1374 and allow the bill to be voted out of committee as soon as possible. Below are some points you can make. Please be polite!

Call Chairman Aycock.
Office: (512) 463-0684  
District: (254) 690-1752
Committee: (512) 463-0804

  • It Works. 27 states already allow home school students to participate in UIL activities.
  • Cost Shouldn’t Be the Issue. There are an estimated 320,000 home school students in Texas. Since the Texas comptroller estimates that educating a single student costs $11,000 annually, home schoolers save the state an estimated $3.5 billion annually.
  • HB 1374 Helps Rural Home Schoolers. Many home school students who do not live in the metropolitan areas of Texas do not have opportunities to participate in athletics and other extracurricular activities. Oftentimes, the nearest home school family may live 50 miles away, even though a public school may be nearby.(For more factoids about the Tebow Bill, visit:


  1. Ginny says

    Hello, I have contacted, facebooked, and email this gentleman as I believe many others have. I can tell you that when I spoke with one of his offices and mentioned it was not able to be voted on, the young man told me it was because he wants to make sure that the bill is written exactly as it needs to be so that it will not allow concerns for opposition. I am just passing along what I was told. Is there still hope? Can you please keep us updated on FB? When is the next time they could vote on this?

    • Tim Lambert says


      Thanks for the feedback and we will report as soon as the bill is voted out which could happen at any time, at the discretion of the Chairman.

  2. Chris says

    I also contacted his office and received the same info, it’s time to get this passed, push people push….Thanks Tim for all your hard work!!
    Please keep us updated.

    • Tim Lambert says

      We were told earlier today that the Chairman was going to vote the bill out of committee today. We have just been informed that he will NOT do that today.

      • Madison says

        This is torture! With all due respect and lack of a better phrase, is this lip service or was there a reason it was not voted on?

        • Tim Lambert says

          Don’t know, but this back and forth is what leads me to question his support. We will see. My goal in generating calls was to let him know that the home school community WANTS this legislation. Earlier calls to other offices indicated support running 4-1 in favor of the bill. At the hearing support among home schoolers was 3-1.

          • Ginny says

            I may be speaking out of turn, but I don’t think it is fair for one person to use their power against something when the majority speaks differently. :)

  3. Christy says

    I will continue to call and push! What is the reasoning for superintendents and coaches that want to keep homeschoolers out?

    • Tim Lambert says

      They think it unfair to public school students because home schoolers would not have to meet the exact same standards for curriculum and attendance. They believe some would take advantage of the opportunities.

      • Kimann says

        I am resigning from teaching in public school here in Texas to homeschool my own children. I began teaching and coaching in 1989 and have seen MANY detrimental changes in education. Team sports teaches things that can’t be taught in a classroom (large or small/ public or home). I AM taking advantage of the opportunity to give my child a better education than the one my taxes are paying for. I can not give my kids the opportunity to play team sports here at home — and we have been driving to a city to try to continue team sports — but it is not a good economical decision for our family. We live 50 miles from a city with team sports — and we have to pay to play. My tax money still goes to the local school district — why can’t my kids play there?

    • Tim Lambert says

      Still getting mixed signals from the Chairman, but he has suggested he might allow a vote this week, but no commitment to do so. Keep the calls coming!