1. Stacie Lemley says

    Thanks for representing the home school community so well!!
    Our family so appreciates the hard work!! Continuing in prayer for your efforts!!

  2. Mary Ellen Mitchell says

    Well done! I am so impressed by the clarity with which you have spoken and the impact you are making at the Capitol! We praise God for you!

  3. Melissa says

    This was our second Capitol Days to attend (the first being in 2011). I can’t express enough what a great experience this is for both parents and students. Being involved in the process for even one day really ignites a spark of interest in the political proess. We were so impressed by the Texas Watchmen and the work they are doing at the Capitol, along with the videographer who is documenting these events and producing the outstanding teaching videos used during the training.

  4. Rosanne Dillon says

    We will be going to the May THSC Capitol Days for our third time. This video gives a very nice overview of what a typical Capitol Day entails. They only hold these events during the legistative session years. It’s been amazing to watch our student at age 7, 9, and now age 11, grasp the “lobbying” information and then spit it out in her own words in the state Senators’ offices. This year there are at least two bills that have issues concerning homescholers, and the kids do an awesome job getting the message to legislators and their staff. Often we hear state Senator staff say “we usually focus on things our constituents bring to our attenion” and these Capitol Days do a lot for our cause. It’s well worth the drive to Austin, and you’ll earn a big checkmark in the “study of good citizenship” curriculum category.

  5. Rosanne Dillon says

    sorry for the typos: legislative, homeschool, and attention. no edit button to fix.