A Legacy for Our Children

Almost 20 years ago, the Texas Supreme Court affirmed the right of parents to home school in Texas. Since then THSC has worked to further the cause of home schooling, making Texas one of the most home school-friendly states to date. Texas home schoolers have benefited from the fruits of our labor, and we need you to join us in protecting those fruits.

Being a non-profit organization, THSC receives its financial weaponry directly from the citizens whom it defends. Parents are blessed to be able to home school in Texas, but the battle to protect this legacy of freedom is one of the most mentally and financially draining battles that any organization or individual can undertake.

In 1985 Shelby Sharpe filed a lawsuit against the TEA and every school district in Texas in response to the widespread persecution of home schoolers that was breaking out across the state. THSC led the charge all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, where home schoolers won their case in a unanimous decision. That ruling has since been encrypted into Texas law as a living defense of the rights we have as parents to educate our children.

In 1995 THSC fought to allow parents the right to teach their children to drive. Patrick Barrett, president of the North American Professional Drivers Education Association, concluded, “Without THSC, parent taught drivers education as we know if basically wouldn’t exist.”