Molested Child Still in Danger

Because of your calls, our bill, The Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (TPRRA), will be heard on the floor of the Texas House on Thursday, May 9! However, parental rights are still in jeopardy until the bill passes.

Parental Rights Advance

If TPRRA does pass, people like Heather Wyatt won’t have to live in fear anymore. Heather Wyatt’s story starts with abuse and ends with abuse. It’s one of many examples of a victim being victimized because of loopholes in a law called the Grandparent Access Statute.

These loopholes in the law allow vindictive in-laws to force fit parents into financially devastating legal battles–legal battles over who will have possession of the fit parent’s children. (For more information, visit:

THSC is determined to change the Grandparent Access Statute to give parents back the rights they once had. The TPRRA will:

  • Force in-laws to back up their claims with evidence
  • Remove a judge’s ability to use temporary orders in these cases because the children are not facing abuse (If the children were facing abuse, the in-laws would be filing under a different section of the law. If it was an emergency situation needing emergency orders, the in-laws should contact the police.)
  • Require a higher standard of evidence to be used in these types of cases
  • Require expert testimony
  • Protect parental rights by changing other aspects of the law (read more about TPRRA)

The loopholes will not be closed, and parental rights will not be strengthened, if our parental rights bill is not passed! Call your representative and ask them to vote for HB 2547.

Contact Your State Representative:

  1. Visit: Who Represents Me Directory
  2. Enter your address.
  3. Select your state representative.
  4. Call him or her and ask them to vote in favor of HB 2547.

This may be our last chance until 2015 to protect parents and children from the Grandparent Access Statute! Make those calls and share this email with others.


    • Tim Lambert says

      Doctor Farney also voted for the bill in committee. Unfortunately, we have learned that our bill is fifth from the very bottom of the Calendar on the last day and they are still on Monday’s calender so it is beginning to look like the House will not be able to vote on this bill, but we will see.

  1. Heather Wyatt says

    I am really sad to hear that Tim. I will continue to pray for a change. If not, I still appreciate the commitment of THSC and the hope I have felt working with you all.
    I will be there to speak out and raise awareness between now and 2015, in any way I can. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story. Thank you for the time and effort. Thank you to the supporters and everybody that watched the video and made a phone call today. I appreciate the update. God Bless you all!