Stop Abusive In-Laws

Chassidie Russell lost her daughter for three years. For three years, it did not matter that Chassidie Russell was a fit mother. For three years, all that mattered was that Chassidie’s in-laws had the money to fight this legal battle. (Watch Chassidie tell her story here.)

Loopholes in the Grandparent’s Access Statute allowed the judge to take Chassidie’s children away from her. The original intention of this law was to allow grandparents to sue for the right to visit their grandchildren. Now it is being used by in-laws to get much more than visitation. THSC is determined to remove these loopholes from the law. We have a bill in the Texas House of Representatives to do just that, but it is waiting to be heard on the House floor.

Our bill, Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act, would:

  • Force in-laws to back up their claims with evidence.
  • Remove the judge’s ability to use temporary orders in these cases because the children are not facing abuse. If the children were facing abuse, the in-laws would be filing under a different section of the law. If it was an emergency situation needing emergency orders, the in-laws should contact the police.
  • Protect parental rights by changing other aspects of the law. Read more about TPRRA.

The Calendar Controls Our Fate

Calendars Committee sets the schedule for when a bill will be heard on the House floor. Not only could this committee delay our bill, they could decide not to schedule it at all!

Call Today (and Tomorrow)

Because of your calls, the Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act has made it this far. Use your influence to help this bill go the rest of the way to becoming law . . . before May 7th. According to the House rules, May 7th is the last day for a bill to be scheduled to go to the house floor by the Calendars Committee.

The members of the Calendars Committee will be at the Capitol today and tomorrow, so please call both days. Ask the representatives below to place HB 2547 on the calendar for a vote.

Calendar Committee

Chair: Rep. Todd Hunter
(512) 463-0672

Vice Chair: Rep. Eddie Lucio III
(512) 463-0606

Rep. Roberto Alonzo
(512) 463-0408

Rep. Carol Alvarado
(512) 463-0732

Rep. Dan Branch
(512) 463-0367

Rep. Angie Chen Button
(512) 463-0486

Rep. Byron Cook
(512) 463-0730

Rep. Myra Crownover
(512) 463-0582

Rep. Sarah Davis
(512) 463-0389

Rep. Craig Eiland
(512) 463-0502

Rep. John Frullo
(512) 463-0676

Rep. Charlie Geren
(512) 463-0610

Rep. Helen Giddings
(512) 463-0953

Rep. John Kuempel
(512) 463-0602

Rep. Doug Miller
(512) 463-0325