Taking the Good With the Bad

What is that old saying? April showers bring May flowers. I have to say that spring is a glorious time around our house. I love the sound of the birds, the smell of the garden soil as I water our newly planted seeds, the warmth of the sunshine on my face, and the feeling of renewed energy brought to life by the gentle blooms of my favorite tree in the back corner of the pasture. What I don’t care for is the mockingbird who suffers from insomnia and insists on singing at 1:45 in the morning, the mud that sticks to my favorite flip-flops when I have to move the hose in the garden, the occasional sunburn on my cheeks from an extended track meet, and the long trek to the tree in the back pasture to rake up the blooms once the leaves emerge. So what does all this tell me? I have to take the good with the bad.

The same thing applies to support group leadership. Policies are made and guidelines are set for the good of the group.

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