2013 Texas Legislative Summary for Home Schoolers

This past spring the THSC Watchmen sifted through 9721 pieces of legislation, tracked over 125 bills, and killed 12 different bills that would have harmed home schooling and parental rights on a wide variety of fronts.

Listen as Nathan Exley, Jeremy Newman, David Huber, Ben Snodgrass, Trent Williams, and Paul Hastings share about the 2013 legislative session.


  1. Eric Moore says

    What an awesome learning experience and use of home schooled students to fight for parental rights. Clearly a lesson they will not forget!

  2. Ronald Birrell says

    Excellent job men! and to Tim and the rest the the THSC staff. The Watchmen program needs to return next session.

  3. Sharayn Leverett says

    Thanks THSC and Watchmen!! You were/are invaluable. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you at Capitol Day in February. Looking forward to the possibility of “Watchwomen” in the future.