Congratulations to State High School Bible Drill Winner!

Jacob Walters was awarded 1st place and a $1000 scholarship in the State High School Bible Drill held at the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention April 27 in Grapevine. He will also receive full tuition to attend the 2013 SBTC Student Leadership Training Camp held in Kerrville, TX.

The National Bible Drill competition will be held June 21 in Duluth, GA where Jacob will compete against the other state 1st place winners.

Bible Drill is available through Southern Baptist churches for 4th-12th grade students, and homeschoolers and private schools are welcome to compete in the drills, either as a group, individually, or under the sponsorship of an SBC church.

There are two State Conventions in Texas for SBC Bible Drill:

Homeschooled for seven years, he recently completed his sophomore year in high school. He went to Nationals as a 7th grader in 2010 as the State Youth Drill winner. His older sister was the 2008 state winner.

Congratulations, Jacob!


  1. Sasha Walters says

    *Correction* Jacob’s older sister did not win Nationals, but advanced as the 2008 State Winner to Nationals. Also, if anyone is interested, the Training Camp mentioned in the article is in Texas, not TN.