Houston Judge Wants Mom to Stop Home Schooling

On June 7 Tim wrote a letter to a Houston family court judge on behalf of a THSC member family. This elected judge had intended to force a mother of four to stop home schooling her children, in spite of the fact that according to national test score results, the children were excelling academically.

Read the letter.


  1. Jim Black says

    Why did I know it was Judge Dean before I ever saw the letter. While she has one of the better Associate Judges in Houston, her rulings can be questionable. We need someone to run against her and knock her out of her elected position.

  2. DeAndra Jarboe says

    Since homeschooling is legal in Texas, on what grounds can Judge Dean rule to stop this fit mom from homeschooling her children? Why is it even a case? Yes, thank you THSC!

    • Tim Lambert says

      It was an issue because there was a disagreement between parents who were divorcing and therefore the judge got to make the decision based on what she believed was “in the best interest of the children.”

      • C Curtis says

        During my divorce proceedings, it became clear that my ex-husband and his lawyer were going to push the homeschooling issue if I didn’t back off from wanting more financial support. So he is living the life of Riley now, but my children are whole and a joy to parent.

  3. John Fields says

    It seems to me that Dean’s ruling is counter to the Texas Supreme Court ruling in the Leper case. Is this not the case? If it is the case, should that fact be in the letter to the judge? Training up our children is the right and authority of the parents not the judge or any one else. Keep up the fight! Thank you!

    • Tim Lambert says

      When there is a conflict between parents the court (judge) makes the decision based on what he/she considers “in the best interest of the child.” The father in this case wanted the children put in public school. While the judge gave the mother primary custody of the children she gave the right to make education decisions to the father, which was the same as forcing them into public school.

      • C Curtis says

        People who haven’t gone through the divorce process in Texas have no idea how much power the state has over our children and our relationships with out children. It was a surreal experience, really, learning all about it under an already extremely stressful situation. Unbelievable! I always tell people I hope they never have to find out!

  4. Stacie Borduin says

    When at all possible, we need to keep our families and marriage strong, lest we fall into the hands of an un-godly judge.

  5. Alex Espinosa says

    Thank you Mr. Lambert.
    Here we see a dedicated mother who spends 24, 7 with her children, nurturing, caring, and educating them. She is the one that knows her children’s educational strengths and needs. But when it comes to making a decision about her children this judges gives this right to the father!? This judge holds a patriarchal view of society which falls behind with the educated and career oriented women of today that are well in tuned with familial needs. This judge’s decision is an example of how little faith she has on women’s capability of making decisions. This is not my idea of being well represented. Good luck to this mother and her 4 children .

  6. Kimberly Patterson says

    This is crazy! Has this so-called judge mentioned anything on “Unschool Homeschool” yet? There is such a thing. VERY LEGAL IN ALMOST ALL 50 STATES…COUNTING TX. We took our son out of his school; last 1/2 of his 3rd gr yr. There were a lot of problems in the school, plus no transportation. So, I decided to unschool homeschool him myself. We got up at 7:30am every morning, Mon – Fri. He eats breakfast & takes his ADHD pill. By 8:20am I start schooling him & his 4-yr old sister til 3:20pm. (Of course, break & lunch between.) Dinner about 6:00pm & then bed by 9:30pm. Then on top of all those I was on the internet getting their work for the rest of the wk and more til about 1am -2am in the morning. Now this coming year (4th), he’ll be going to K-12 & i will be unschool homeschooling my 4yr old myself. Please don’t let her take all that away! My son’s finally happy & wanting to learn more. Thank you for all you do for all parents & students!