Protesting Freedom, Really?

Many of you have, no doubt, heard of the impending protest by an atheist organization at this year’s Convention. While the word “protest” sounds scary, its definition is quite simple: “an expression or declaration of objection, disapproval, or dissent, often in opposition to something a person is powerless to prevent or avoid.”  So, if these people are opposing something they are powerless to prevent, why all the big fuss? Simple: because we live in a country where individuals are free to express their opinion. For most groups, a public venue is the most effective way to protest or “advertise” a conflicting opinion. Very little publicity comes from protesting something from your living room.

You may be asking yourself, How will this group’s plan to protest Answers in Genesis speaker Ken Ham and THSC’s preparations blend come August? The answer is simple: perfectly.

THSC fights for the freedom to home educate on behalf of all families in Texas. Our Convention & Family Conference is carefully planned and executed in a perfect reflection of our mission statement. Although we encourage all individuals to stand up for what they believe, we encourage them to do so in accordance with the law and in good taste. Simply said, there is a time and place for everything and a manner in which to do it.

Although we do not expect attendees to be negatively affected in any way, THSC, the Waterway’s Marriott, and local authorities are working together to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience a fantastic conference in a pleasant environment. Protesting on hotel property is not allowed, and in the same light, disruptive attendees within the Conference will be promptly escorted out.

While we don’t want to create a sense of unrest by discussing the proposed protest, we do encourage you to use it as an opportunity to be thankful. We live in a place where freedom is sometimes taken for granted and can be forgotten about in the battle of who is right or wrong. Take time to pray for those who have a differing opinion. Embrace the freedom to educate your children within your system of beliefs and knowledge. Make informed decisions and know that THSC fights for your freedom continually.