Ethics & Parental Rights

I read a recent posting by Michael Quinn Sullivan regarding ethics complaints in the last election cycle. These complaints were filed against him and his organization by two moderate legislators who were apparently trying to silence his organization in their efforts to alert the public about the voting record of state legislators.

It seems that in the upcoming hearing, the legislators who filed the complaints now want to say they didn’t really write the complaint and they don’t want to come testify before the Ethics Commission. That is really interesting, but what is even more interesting is that the person who actually drafted the charges of violating the law was a lobbyist for trial lawyers.

Imagine my surprise when I read the name of this man. He is also the lobbyist for the Texas Family Law Foundation, an organization that has opposed every effort we have made over the last three legislative sessions to restore parental rights in Texas. In fact, this lobbyist drafted HB 391 and SB 1148, which were designed to allow any grandparent in Texas to sue any parent in Texas for access or possession of the parents’ children. These bills, of course, would have dramatically increased the number of lawsuits against fit parents in Texas and caused immense harm, misery, and financial devastation to these innocent parents.

These kinds of connections seem to emphasize that those who support limited government and are social conservatives are also those who understand and support the fundamental right of fit parents to direct the care, control and upbringing of their children. Those who are on the other side philosophically tend to support big government, more taxes, are not social conservatives, and don’t have much concern for parental rights either.

The campaign for the next election cycle has already begun. While candidates are running for office is the time to make sure we do whatever we can to elect those to office who understand and who will vigorously support parental rights.