Maintaining Your Engine

While working on his online driver ed course, my 16-year-old son asked, “Mom, why do I have to know how the engine works in order to finish driver’s ed?”

“Well, because it’s helpful to know the most efficient way something operates, so you can take better care of it.”

With a slight glimmer of hope in his eyes, he responded, “But I already know how a car works. Do I really need to spend all these hours learning this stuff again?”

“What if something has changed? What if there are better ways to keep your truck running smoothly? Would staying updated not be a good investment of your time and money?”

As leaders we are called to maintain our group’s engine. We are to look for ways to refresh ourselves, motivate our volunteers, and breathe new life into activities. So how do you maintain your momentum while burning the candle at both ends? Networking, instructional workshops, research, and relaxation (yes, I said, “relaxation”) are all ways to strengthen your group—not to mention yourself.

Each year THSC offers a weekend designed specifically for leaders—all leaders. We call this the State Leadership Conference, and this year it will be held October 18-20 in Denton. Joe and Zan Tyler, with Apologia Ministries, will be sharing from their hearts in an up-close and personal way their struggles and successes with support group leadership. THSC board members will be there to visit with you during coffee breaks or over lunch, and the THSC leadership team has been working diligently to bring sessions that are relative to today’s changing times.

Leadership skills, finances, activity ideas, insurance, and balancing family life, school, and leadership are all things that leaders struggle with, but in many different ways. Our networking time allows leaders to exchange ideas, talk about ways they have managed struggles, and discuss the changing face of home education. We want leaders to understand that this conference is designed to help them keep not only the group’s engine running, but also their own.

Please consider joining us for this fantastic time of conversation, learning, and refreshment. You are not alone. Come sit at the discussion table with the Tylers and our leadership team here at THSC.

If finances are a challenge for your group, please contact Kay Orr at to discuss scholarship opportunities.