Need an Advocate?

We live in a day and time in which government plays an enormous role in all of our lives. In fact, that’s why you see virtually every business group represented by an association or lobbyist group in Austin and Washington, D. C. These groups understand that it is critical to their continued success to have advocates representing them as legislation is being discussed and voted upon.

That is also why THSC exists. Our organization’s founders realized that when we won the Leeper case in 1987 in the lower courts that we would not only have to win on appeal to protect the freedom of parents in Texas to home school their children, we would also have to make sure that the Texas Legislature didn’t take that right away through legislation.

At our recent conference in The Woodlands, we overheard comments from new home schoolers who had no idea all of the things THSC has accomplished over the years on behalf of Texas home schoolers and parents. The video we put together describing these accomplishments has not been updated since the end of the last legislative session, but you can get an idea of what we’ve done over the last 25 years: “Legacy of Freedom.”

Recently we intervened on behalf of a home school graduate in his effort to attain employment with Samsung in Austin. Officials at Samsung questioned whether or not he was really a high school graduate. After the home school graduate called us and received information on the law in Texas, that the state recognizes home school graduates as equivalent to public high school graduates, he passed the information on to Samsung. They called us to confirm that information and then they offered him the job.

Last week we wrote a similar letter to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office on behalf of yet another home school graduate. In addition, this summer we’ve also intervened for home schoolers with the Texas attorney general’s office concerning child support, with Child Protective Services regarding a waiver to home school an adoptive child, and with the Social Security Administration regarding continued benefits for a home school child working on a high school diploma after the age of 18—just like public high school students.

With public schools starting in the next few weeks, we are gearing up for the calls we always get from parents who withdraw children from public schools to home school. Often we hear from parents who are having difficulty with public school officials who either don’t know what the law requires or who refuse to follow the law. We are an aggressive advocate for home schoolers and parents in these situations in our quest to protect them and their freedom to home school their children. To see an example, watch the story of Eulalia Meeks.

Sometimes home schoolers say, “We don’t need an advocate like THSC because we have good laws in Texas.” When I hear that, I think of a friend who told me some years ago, after moving back to Texas from another state with “good laws,” that she had a new and deep appreciation for THSC because in the other state, while the laws were good, dealing with the bureaucrats was horrible! Watch our video “Texas Home School Coalition Fights for You.”

Why should you be a member or support THSC? One of the many reasons is that THSC has just spent tens of thousands of dollars defending your freedom to home school in the last legislative session.

That’s who we are: an aggressive advocate for home schoolers, home schooling, and parental rights. We are able to stand in the gap for individual home schoolers and the home schooling community at large because of the prayers and generous support of the Texas home schooling community. As we begin the new school year, I hope you will pray for us, join our association, and/or make a generous contribution to help us defend the rights and freedoms of home schoolers in Texas.