Home School Parent Harassed by Dallas ISD Turns to THSC

S___ N____ decided it was in her child’s best interest to withdraw her from public school and begin home schooling. Unfortunately the Dallas ISD has not made it the simple process it should be. Even after Ms. N___ sent the initial letter of withdrawal, followed by the assurance letter, Dallas ISD still refuses to remove her daughter from the school rolls, and Ms. N____ continues to get calls notifying her of her daughter’s absence. Unable to get through to school officials and fearful she might be charged with truancy, she turned to THSC and Tim Lambert for help.

Read Tim’s letter to the Dallas ISD.


  1. pamela alexander says

    I am from the Dallas area but am curious as to why the Dallas ISD is not following the guidelines for removal? Do they feel that they have grounds to keep them enrolled? As a parent we have the right to remove our child from public education. According to what you have posted from the TEA they have no grounds for this action is that correct? I just removed my child from public education over the thanksgiving holiday season and he is in special education. I hope I do not get any difficulties with our school.

    • Tim Lambert says

      It is not uncommon for school officials to be uninformed regarding the law or TEA requirements regarding home schooling. That is why we are here…to hold them accountable and protect the rights of parents. You are correct in that they have no legal authority to do what they have done. Let us know if you have any problems.

  2. growingminds98 says

    We sent the letter of withdrawal to our children’s DISD schools and then letters of assurance after repeated calls from the school’s automated system that they were absent all last week. We did everything through certified mail on Monday, December 9, 2013 along with receipt requested yet we haven’t received the green slip back in the mail yet. One school left a voicemail saying they received the withdraw letter but that we needed to go in and fill out paperwork. That’s when I mailed out the letter of assurance to them on Thursday, December 12, 2013. Will it take a few weeks before the school will drop our children’s names from their enrollment with the school? I don’t want to have to have any legal issues with truancy. Homeschooling is a wonderful, much needed step for our family but going through the withdraw process is frustrating. Even with that said, I thank the LORD for all of THSC’s help with the process.

    • Tim Lambert says

      Contact our office (staff@thsc.org) so we can follow up with them. They should remove the children from their roles immediately.

  3. samantha says

    I sent the certified letter of withdrawal to my daughters school as well as to the THSC today “Dec.20th” which is the last day of the school year. I just read on the internet that mid year with draw is more difficult and I have to go to the office and it is harder due to the money the school receives and so forth. She has had three absences “1 having a doctors note”. I am scared that come January when school is in session, she will get truancy. Do I need to do any more then sending the letter certified like your website said?

    • Tim Lambert says

      There is no difference in withdrawal based on the time of the year. Same rules apply. No need to go to their office. You need do nothing else. Contact us directly if you hear something different from the school and we will correct them if necessary.