Rekindle For a New Year

Kay Orr

Have you ever wondered why so many people make New Year’s resolutions? Resolutions cover everything from weight loss to reorganization, healthy living to keeping those pesky papers graded.  Resolutions provide a new way to reach a goal as well as a recommitment to staying on track. People enjoy the feeling of renewal.

If you have ever felt like your support group could use a little renewing, you are not alone. Support groups, just like families, need attention, love, and sometimes recommitment. Changing up the dynamics of just one event can rekindle a fire in a smoldering group. One way to do so is to add a talent show to your family picnic or a service project to your senior class activities.

Do your group’s finances feel unorganized? Need another look at your bylaws? As a way of recommitting to leadership for the upcoming year, special sessions can be called in place of—or in addition to—a usual board meeting. Special sessions can be utilized to make note of budget changes for future reference or to discuss updating your bylaws. For added interest and to keep everyone fueled for those important discussions, hold your special sessions in conjunction with a potluck dinner or a dessert fellowship. Board meetings, although serious in nature, don’t have to be boring or stuffy.

Each year THSC strives to meet the needs of support group leaders by taking time to refresh and renew our local leadership support. This year we will host a pre-Convention leadership seminar in the Woodlands that will be designed especially for local support group leaders. Be sure to watch for more information coming in the near future.

I would like to say a special thank you to Sheila Kleinhenz and Tammy Watson for their service on the THSC Leadership Support Team. Several of you have visited with these ladies over the past year, and I have enjoyed planning leadership activities with these knowledgeable, servant-hearted women.

We have room for additional volunteers. If you have served in support group leadership for more than two years and would like to join our leadership team in volunteer service, please contact Kay Orr at for more information.

I pray this post finds you refreshed and renewed. Happy New Year!

Kay Orr – has written 28 posts on this site.
Kay Orr resides in Abilene with her husband of twenty years, Chris. The Orrs homeschool five children ages ten to seventeen. Kay is currently the leader liaison for the Texas Home School Coalition and served in local support group leadership for seven years.

2 Comments on “Rekindle For a New Year”

  1. This is a very disturbing article. This family has a love for all types of children and gave them love, met their emotional needs and gave them he best education through homeschooling. This Judge has issues and kindly needs to give these children back to their parents.
    Homeschooling is the best way to go and is definitely legal. This family needs to get a home school legal defense lawyer. I highly recommend Michael Ferris. He’s located in Virginia.
    I was homeschooled. My parents chose to homeschool my two brothers and I because of lack of getting educational goals met at the public school. I am a homeschool graduate, a college graduate and attending graduate school. Parents have a right to choose what is best for their children. Not the state. It’s time for law enforcement, Courts to take proper action to families that don’t deserve their children such physical and sexual abuse in the home and parents that neglect their children . The Judge is not meeting requirements of the children. She’s the one traumatizing these children by removing them from a loving home. It’s time for America to wake up and let parents be parents to their children and this is devastating that there is nothing in the state of Texas and CPS has no findings of any abuse or neglect. Homeschooling us Legal in every state. I pray God will use this story to bring the children back home and leave this family alone.

  2. Kay Orr, Leader Liaison

    Hello Sommer! I will be sure Tim receives your comment. We appreciate your support and prayers for the Tutt’s.

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