A Call for Rangers

As THSC continues to work for the return of all of the Tutt children and for the Tutts’ right to home school those children, thousands of home schoolers have responded to this tragedy by asking, “What can we do?” Some have even suggested that this case sounds eerily similar to some of the recent cases in Germany. So what can we do?

As I contemplate this horrible case, I am reminded of the early days of the Texas Republic and, later, the early days of Texas statehood. In the 1830s and 1840s families who were settling on the Texas frontier around Fort Worth and Weatherford were under constant fear of attack. Many families were murdered, and often their children were taken by the Indians to be raised as their own.

The people of Texas responded to this attack against its most vulnerable by establishing what came to be known as the Texas Rangers. These men, who were required to provide their own horses, weapons, and ammunition, “ranged” over the frontier, seeking to engage those hostile forces (Indians, criminals, and foreigners) who preyed upon Texas settlers. While these men were “hired” by Texas, they very often essentially worked without pay.

These men learned by experience the tactics and strategies used by those who wished to destroy the settlers on the Texas frontier. Over time they became a feared and renowned fighting force. Even after Texas became a part of the United States the federal government could often not be counted upon to protect the Texas frontier; it was up to the Texas Rangers to protect their own.

In view of the recent attacks in Texas family courts, such as those against the Tutts, THSC is establishing, in addition to the Texas Judicial Wall of Shame, the THSC Rangers program. While THSC has been involved for many years in political campaigns and elections through THSC PAC, we have thus far focused on statewide and legislative elections and campaigns, because those officials set policy and pass or oppose legislation that can and often does impact Texas home schoolers and parental rights.

However, perhaps the most important elections that impact Texas families are judicial elections, especially those at the local level. While we Texans highly value the right to elect our judges, very few know much about the judges on the ballot. THSC is working closely with local groups who are vetting and interviewing judicial candidates, and we plan to recruit hundreds of “THSC Rangers” and to direct them to important campaigns in their local areas as a way of defending Texas families and parental rights.

The goals of this program are fourfold. First, we want to educate candidates for office, especially judicial candidates, about parental rights and home schooling. In the course of this process, we want to identify those who share our philosophy and worldview. Secondly, we want to give home schoolers the opportunity for an amazing educational opportunity to work in campaigns and elections and learn firsthand about this aspect of “good citizenship.” Thirdly, we want to elect candidates, especially judges, who will not only apply the law but will require CPS to follow the law as well. Fourthly, we hope to defeat officials who oppose home schooling and parental rights, to send a message to other officials that there is a political price to pay if you attack innocent families and/or parental rights in Texas.

Just as Texas settlers issued a call for Rangers to protect them and to battle those who sought to destroy their families, so we call for THSC Rangers in that same spirit to battle in the political arena to defend Texas families and their rights as parents. I hope you will join us in promoting the THSC Rangers program and in encouraging young people to join and to help us in the spirit of those Texas Rangers of the 1830s and 1840s.

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  1. Heather Moody says


    Thank you all for your tireless efforts fighting for our parental rights and educating! God Bless You All! Will be praying for God’s Justice!