Home School Co-op Told to Move their Program or Close It

A home school co-op in Grand Prairie holds University Model Classes at a local church. After a recent CPS visit they were informed they would need to either apply for a childcare license, shut down, or move their Tuesday/Thursday classes to Monday/Wednesday, when the church holds a Mother’s Day Out program. The co-op is operating under CPS guidelines; however, the two programs have separate and distinct audiences. In danger of losing their program, the co-op organizers turned to THSC for help.

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  1. Faith Bussey says

    I know several people in this co-op, and I run a local co-op of my own with 37 families and almost a hundred students. What does it mean that they are “operating under CPS”? Are there any precautionary measures that other co-ops need to take? Thank you for taking this case. Seems like we’re having to fight an awful lot to keep our freedoms lately…

    • Tim Lambert says

      CPS requires individuals, groups or organizations to be licensed by the state for childcare if they have more than three children more than two days per week. In this case, the church had a “Mother’s Day Out” program on two days and the Co-op used the same facility two other days per week. A disgruntled member of the group contacted CPS and CPS investigated and ruled that licensing for childcare was required because the facility was used four days per week, in spite of the fact that the usage was by two separate groups.