Nominate Your Support Group Leader

As support group leaders, we have all had that one special mother or family we lean on when the job just has to be done. Often times it’s a fellow board member who always seems to pick up the slack when times are tough. THSC has a way for you to show your appreciation to these valued members!

Each year the Texas Home School Coalition recognizes one individual or couple, who shines a little brighter than the rest, with the coveted Support Group Leader of the Year Award. Many of you are aware of the honor, but the deadline for submissions is growing closer. If you would like to honor the special leader in your group with this prestigious award, submit your nomination at the link below before April 4, 2014. The award will be presented at this year’s Gala in Austin on April 26, and the winner(s) will again be recognized at the Pre-Convention Leadership Seminar in the Woodlands.

Nominate Your Leader Today

The Good Citizenship Awards will also be presented at Gala, and students from your support group could be the well-deserving recipients! Any home school students with qualifying service hours may submit their requests for consideration for one of these coveted recognitions.

THSC Good Citizenship Program Information

THSC Good Citizenship Program Reporting Form

If you would like more information on how to get students in your support group started in the Good Citizenship Program for 2015, contact Kay Orr, THSC Leader Liaison, at