PRESS RELEASE: Prosecution Attacks Family’s Faith, Home Schooling. THSC Goes to Court to Obtain Court Record Which DA Seeks to Have Sealed.


March 25, 2014

Contact: Jeremy Newman

Phone: 205-378-8214


THSC will appear at hearing in the 302nd district court of Dallas county on March 26 at 2:00pm in an effort to obtain a copy of the Jan 7 hearing on the Tutt case, a high profile case involving a home school family from south Dallas whose children were removed by CPS in November 2013.

The case has received a disproportionate amount of public attention since the details of the case became known. Judge Callahan ruled that the removal was not warranted but did not return all children to the parents.

Attendees to the multiple hearings on the case state that arguments by the prosecution frequently devolve to personal attacks against the family, including issues of faith and home schooling, neither of which provide the department grounds for removal under Texas law or even under CPS policy.

The Texas Home School Coalition, the largest statewide home school advocacy group in the country, has sought a copy of the court record after the home school background of the family became a key focus of the case. The district attorney for Dallas county responded by filing a motion to deny THSC the transcript and have the documents sealed from the public.


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