UNT Responds to Home School Admissions Policy

Following an August 2013 letter from Tim Lambert regarding the University of North Texas’s discriminatory admissions policy towards home schoolers, UNT responded with a letter clarifying their procedures in regards to automatic admission.

Read Tim’s letter to UNT.

Read UNT’s response letter.


  1. Lisa says

    Texas State in San Marcos also has a different requirement for Home-school students. They are automatically placed in the 3rd or 4th category for admissions for required increased SAT/ACT test scores. This information was told to me 6+ weeks ago at our local homeschool college night.

    Thanks for all the work that you do for our community.

  2. Kim says

    My daughter stopped the application process at UNT due to the higher requirement on the ACT due to the fact she is homeschooled. UTA also has a similar policy and she couldn’t apply there either. Several years ago when we began planning they did not have such a policy, if my memory hasn’t failed me:) She will be attending out of state at a private university on Academic scholarships. Doesn’t seem right. Thank you for all you do to help keep homeschooling freedoms in Texas. I still have a six and seven yr old at home.