Virtual Town Hall: Lt. Gov Candidate Dan Patrick, Tim Lambert, What Hangs in the Balance

The Runoff Election is shaping up to be a tooth-and-nail fight against the establishment. With many successful wins under our belt from the Primary, the temptation to coast our way through the Runoffs is substantial. However, the liberal establishment is all too aware of the grassroots undercurrent threatening to remove them from office.

The fight for traditional values and parental rights is about to move to the next level, and if the home schooling community does not rise to the challenge, then our hard-won victories from the Primaries will be followed up by a disappointing stalemate during the Runoffs. In Texas, waiting to make a difference until the General Election is not an option, because by the time the General Election comes rolling in, 90% of the races will have already been determined.

THSC will host a virtual town hall meeting on April 9 at 6:30 p.m., where THSC President Tim Lambert, along with special guest and Lieutenant Governor candidate Dan Patrick, will discuss the challenges facing the home schooling community in the May 27 Runoffs and the support that THSC needs from home schoolers in order to win this fight for parental rights and traditional values. Future updates will include a conference call phone number that callers can use to listen in and ask questions.

The first step to solving any problem is recognizing that the problem exists, but all too frequently we make the mistake of thinking that simply recognizing that the problem exists somehow exempts us of our obligation to help solve it. An informed people may be a necessary prerequisite to defending liberty, but decisive action is ultimately the only method by which liberty can be maintained.

The Primaries were a monumental success for home schoolers, and the Runoffs are the next battle in the lineup. Make sure to mark your calendars for April 9 and take the time to listen in, provide your feedback, and learn where you can help THSC as we continue to fight on the front lines.

Virtual Runoff Townhall

If you missed the live townhall you can listen to it now.

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