Home School Discrimination Decision Reversed

sillouette-standing-on-mountainWe often describe the Texas Home School Coalition Association as an “advocacy organization for home schooling and parental rights.” We intervene on behalf of our members not only to help them but also to set the tone of what is and is not acceptable in Texas regarding home schooling and parental rights.

A home school mom once told me she was so glad to be back in Texas and that she had a whole new appreciation for THSC. She said she had spent several years in another state that had good laws, but she also had a terrible problem with “bureaucrats.” She really appreciated that THSC holds bureaucrats accountable to what the law actually does and does not require.

I was reminded of this last month when we wrote a letter to Farmers Insurance on behalf of one of our member families because Farmers had refused to give a home school student a “good student” discount on the same basis as other school students. Shortly after we wrote that letter the commissioner of the Texas Department of Insurance, whom I have known for several years, responded to our letter by saying that her agency had contacted all the parties, asking for the facts. I also had a response from a home school leader, who told me I was way off base in the letter because the insurance company in question had changed their policy and there was nothing we could do about it.

A couple of weeks later, we were notified by the family that the insurance company had reversed its position and had given their daughter the good student discount on the same basis as other schools. Although there was nothing we could do to force the insurance company to treat home school students the same as other private school students, we will always educate companies on the law and ask our friends in the state government to help them understand as well. That’s why we’re called an advocacy organization, because we aggressively advocate to Keep Texas Families Free.