Talk is Cheap, We Need Advocates

Early voting in the Republican Primary Runoff is going on now through this Friday, May 23, and Election Day is Tuesday, May 27. These elections are notorious for very low voter turnout, which means that very few people will have a huge impact on the outcome. It is no longer enough for candidates to say they support home schooling and parental rights to get our support. We need advocates in the Texas Legislature to do all they can to help us pass important legislation protecting parents’ rights to raise their kids. As we say in Texas, “Talk is cheap!”

That is why THSC has endorsed the state-wide candidates below and I hope you will vote for them and get your friends and family to do so as well. If home schoolers and their friends and family vote in this election, we can be the difference.

You have probably seen some nasty and even personal attacks against my friends below who all have long and very conservative records as Texas legislators. Please ignore those nasty attacks and vote for candidates who have a strong conservative and pro-parental rights record.

Please vote for:

Senator Dan Patrick for Lt. Governor,

Senator Ken Paxton for Attorney General,

Former State Representative Sid Miller for Ag. Commissioner, and

Former State Representative Wayne Christian for Railroad Commissioner.

These men have not only been friends of mine for many years but they have also proven by their records that they are solidly conservative, despite what you might have heard from the increasingly negative and personal campaigns against them from those who are more left of center politically.