The Strength of Silence

We had a memorial service for my uncle Danny two weeks ago. Danny, or Dano as the men in his unit called him, was a quiet man of great strength. He was a man of honor and resolve, of precision and fortitude. When the armed forces needed someone to fly a “secret mission,” Dano was recruited. On many occasions, our family would not know he had been involved until he was safely home. Medals, ribbons, and certificates are usually proudly displayed for all to see, but not by Uncle Danny. He wasn’t much on the fanfare and did not thrive on praise. What drove him was the satisfaction of a job well done. Watching in the grandeur of a military service, I couldn’t help but think that he would be embarrassed by all the fuss. Could the Air Force have survived all these years without him? Yes, certainly. Would others have fulfilled the mission as well as Danny? Perhaps. My point is simply this. Had the Air Force not recognized his quiet strength and strong resolve, he probably wouldn’t have sought after those missions on his own.

As support group leaders and home educating parents, we have a very important mission as well. The mission is to be involved in the promotion and execution of activities that support our efforts to home school. With community comes great strength. With strength comes energy. Seek out those quiet members who may not realize they have the ability to coordinate a field trip, the resolve to lead a co-op class from beginning to end, or even the expertise to pull off a used book sale. Sometimes, it is the leader who needs a little support.

This year, THSC is proud to offer our annual leaders conference in conjunction with the State Convention in The Woodlands. The THSC Texas Leaders Conference will be held on Thursday, July 24th. Whether you are a support group leader, co-op teacher, field trip leader, or a leader in your community or church, this event is for you! Leaders from across the state will hear from fabulous speakers, register for fantastic giveaways, and enjoy the company of fellow leaders.

Look for opportunities to use your members’ strengths, even quiet strengths. Opportunities for service surround you. One such opportunity lies with THSC as a Customer Service Representative. Our Regional Groups, HEART of Texas and FEAST also have opportunities to serve.

For more information on the Pre-Convention Leadership Seminar, see the THSC website or contact Kay Orr, Leader Liaison, at Please, do not let a financial burden keep you from attending this event. Scholarship opportunities are available.