Consider the Source; Stand with Gov. Perry

Rick PerryYou have surely heard over the weekend or yesterday that the leftists in Austin have filed criminal felony charges against Gov. Rick Perry for threatening to veto part of the budget (something he is empowered to do as governor under the Texas Constitution) if the Travis County district attorney (who had headed up the unit in question and had been jailed and convicted of drunk driving) did not resign. Her actions were so egregious, this video swept the internet.

This indictment of Perry is so over the top that even liberals all over the country are saying it is ludicrous, but that of course is irrelevant to the leftists who have used the Travis County district attorney’s office in other flagrant ways. They used it to bring false charges against Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in 1994 when she was running for office. She was acquitted. Ten years ago the same office ended the political career of Congressman Tom DeLay, after three failed attempts, when they finally succeeded in convicting him of charges brought against him by the Travis County DA, although the conviction was overturned in a decade-long appeal process.

You see, the issue is not really to convict Governor Perry; it is to destroy him politically. As with DeLay, they want to taint him in the public eyes as corrupt, even though virtually everyone knows the charges will not stand.

Governor Perry gave an outstanding response in a press conference on Saturday.

Please remember that Governor Perry has stood with parental rights advocates, pro-life advocates, small-government conservatives, Second Amendment advocates, and TEA party patriots for many years. Sen. Ted Cruz, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and many, many others have publicly stood with Governor Perry. Let’s stand with him, too, this afternoon when he is “booked” at 5 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 19, at the Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Justice Center, 509 W. 11th, in Austin.

The leftists and the media want to see Governor Perry humiliated. I’m hoping thousands of supporters will stand with him to show our support for the conservative governor who has stood for us on so many occasions. Can’t make it to Austin? Show your support for Governor Perry by posting a picture of him on your profile on FB and #StandwithRickPerry on twitter.


  1. Ingrid says

    I agree with Tim Lambert we need to support Governor Perry. He was exercising his veto powers as governor. This whole indictment is an attack on his character and possible presidential running. He has stood up for home school rights. He stood against the Federal Government and Obama Care. When evil comes in this form we need to pray and make our voices known. I have been praying for Governor Perry.

  2. Tim Miller says

    Governor Perry may very well have illegally used state resources to effectively blackmail the DA from a state branch of government not under control because she was snooping to closely into cases that could negatively impact his friends and possibly himself. If conservatives don’t learn more about the details of the case instead of whitewashing the facts such as in this opinion piece they may come in for a rude awakening down the road. Republican judge Michael McCrum is also involved in bringing the indictment forward.

    • Tim Lambert says

      That may be true, but the track record of this Travis County office is, as Senator Cruz said a “sad one” because of the clearly political agenda of the prosecutions in the past. Both Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Congressman Tom DeLay are clear examples. Michael McCrum is not a judge but was appointed by a Republican Judge and has a close relationship with Democratic Congressman Lloyd Doggett of Austin.

      It would not be the first time moderate Republicans have worked with Democrats to end the career of Conservative Republicans. The rise of Speaker Joe Strauss comes to mind.

      Finally, it is not just conservatives who are raising these issues. David Axelrod of Obama’s staff and many others are hardly conservatives.