Leaders: Will You Continue the Legacy?

grandmother sitting with granddaughter

Cherished Memories, Continued Legacy

When I was a little girl, my grandmother and I would sit for hours on her back porch cracking and eating pecans. I would run out to the yard, only to return with a handful of freshly fallen pecans ready for her skilled hands to open. We would laugh and tell stories until the evening sun fell behind the tree line. As a grown woman, many years after her death, I thought fondly of the small porch and the massive tree that held so many memories for me, wishing I could somehow continue on the tradition with my own family.

My parents attempted to glean a few random pecans for me on a quick visit to the old neighborhood, but the squirrels had already taken the harvest to ready their homes for the winter. A neighbor kindly offered to send some the following year. Sure enough, last February I received a package in the mail. Pecans, lots of pecans, with a note, “Happy planting.” Because of the kindness of a neighbor and my desire to create something wholesome and right and good, years from now, when I have my own grandchildren, we will sit on my back porch and look at the pecan trees, all eight of them. We will laugh and giggle and share stories. My grandmother’s legacy will continue.

Many of you have spent tireless hours building your own story, your own traditions, your own support group memories. As leaders, you look for ways to build support and structure for the families you lead. You watch for opportunities for fellowship, service, and fun but, as with all things, there comes a time to step aside and let someone else take the proverbial reins. Find another heart to push forward and continue your legacy even better and with renewed energy.

It is with a host of emotions that I announce my retirement from the Leadership Support department at THSC. I have enjoyed immensely the years I served as Leader Liaison and will miss my conversations with each of you as we problem solved together. I have created friendships that will last a lifetime! While I will remain with the THSC Events department in a more specific capacity, my time with the support group leaders of Texas will always be dear to my heart.

Just as my grandmother and I treasured and protected our time together, the Texas Home School Coalition strives to ensure that your freedom and the freedoms of the families you lead remain solid, so that you may also be free to create unique memories for years to come. If you would like to be a part of this invaluable team and further serve the families of Texas, please consider becoming THSC’s new Leader Liaison.

Please read more information about the position on the THSC website, and consider if you or someone you know would be a perfect fit to continue this legacy.

Thank you, leaders, from the bottom of my heart for the hours you invest, the sacrifices you make, and the love you pour into planting your own traditions. Blessings on your journey!


  1. Jennifer Weinzapfel says

    Kay — you are a treasure and such a blessing to so many! Thank you for your encouraging words, your patience with each call, and your wisdom. You will be missed in this capacity, but excited for you!

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