The Battle for Parental Rights

THSC endeavors to protect and fight for parental rights on a wide spectrum, in many areas. Just a few of those areas are outlined below.

Court Cases:

  • THSC provides expert testimony in cases where the right of a parent or parents to direct the care, custody, and education of their child(ren) is threatened.
  • When necessary, THSC pursues litigation against institutions and individuals who abuse their authority, including our cases against Children’s Protective Services (CPS) and against the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC).

Cases with THSC involvement:

Financial Support:

  • THSC has established a Parental Rights Litigation Fund to help fund the fight for parental rights against judges, grandparents, and others who seek to take away a parent’s God-given right to choose what is best for his or her own child(ren).

Ministry Letters:

  • When THSC is contacted by member families whose rights are being infringed upon by those abusing their position of authority, such as school districts, colleges and universities, the Texas Department of Public Safety, CPS, and others, our president, Tim Lambert, writes letters to those involved, clarifying the law in Texas and the necessity of treating home schoolers in a non-biased manner. After these letters are received the infringing institution or organization almost always rectifies its course of action.