Jim Loose Case

A father in Tarrant County was unjustly separated from his daughter for more than three years beginning when she was ten years old.

In a ruling that some have called “legal kidnapping,” a judge issued a “temporary” order to remove this young girl from her father, Jim Loose, and place her with her maternal grandparents; the ruling was finally reversed after a 10-day jury trial.

During the trial testimony was given that after the death of their daughter, the grandparents were told by their legal counsel that their case to gain custody of their granddaughter from her loving, fit father was “very weak,” but if they were willing to spend more money than the father, they could prevail. So began a campaign that resulted in Jim having to sell all of his property and eventually declare bankruptcy in his desperate attempt to rightfully regain possession of his daughter.

The judge later ruled that even though Jim won back custody of his daughter, he must cover $150,000 of the grandparents’ legal fees.

Below are articles with the latest information on this case.

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Jim Loose

Jim Loose

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