Member Benefits

As a thank-you to educators who support the work of the THSC Association we have developed the following Benefits Package (for members) with many offers and discounts that can be helpful to homeschool families. THSC Association is continually looking for ways to increase its benefit package; check back here often for updates.

THSC Association members, please contact the THSC Association office for detailed information on how to take advantage of your membership benefits.

Please note: A listing below does not express an endorsement of these companies and/or their products by THSC Association. These companies voluntarily participate in this program to offer a benefit to members of THSC Association. Discounts and benefits are subject to change based on the providing company’s policy.

Legal Assistance

THSC Legal Representation and Consultation – THSC advocates for its members through legal consultation, advocacy with government officials, and in court proceedings on issues pertaining to home schooling including Child Protective Services (CPS). THSC supplies members with an after-hours number to call in the case of an emergency CPS situation. THSC will occasionally handle situations for nonmembers that we believe may set a precedent for all Texas families.

THSC Photo ID CardTeacher and Student Photo ID Cards

Printable ID card, renewable annually, to be presented to various businesses that offer discounts to teachers. Limit of two teacher IDs and one per student in each member family. (Only parent(s)/legal guardians will receive Teacher IDs.)

handbook-2013-smallFREE Download of THSC’s Handbook for Texas Home Schoolers

Does the school district have to approve your curriculum … since your children do not attend public school, do you get a break on your property taxes … what do you do if CPS comes to your door? Find answers to these questions and many more in the Handbook for Texas Home Schoolers.

FREE Adult Registration to BOTH THSC Conventions – The Woodlands & Arlington

Primary Adult members (mother/father) may attend both Conventions FREE. One grandparent may attend FREE of charge in lieu of one Primary Adult member.

BlueCross BlueShield Health Insurance

Online application fee waived
Health insurance companies have been thoroughly researched for THSC members to help them find a competitive product with a great insurance carrier. Now you can conveniently get coverage online through BlueCross BlueShield of Texas without a high-pressure salesman in your home.


$300 off tuition
CollegePlus is a Christian company that creates customized dual credit and bachelor’s degree programs for students, based on their personality, learning style, and life purpose, then integrates personal coaching and mentoring to empower students to reach their educational and life goals, without the time constraints and debt burden of traditional college.

Creation Illustrated

$8 off $19.95 subscription price
Quarterly character-building lessons from nature; Bible-based, no-evolution magazine includes instructional guide for study as a curriculum supplement. Includes animal features, outdoor adventures, creation science, nature activities, and more.

Discover Texas

15% off retail price
Designed to teach Texas history, geography, and government to students in grades 4 through 9. Ten chronological units guide students through the exciting story of Texas with fully illustrated articles, quality websites, unit study activities, and critical thinking lessons. Each unit includes teaching resources, reading suggestions, and a field trip guide to make lesson planning easy.

Driver Ed in a Box

$50 off retail price
“Peace of mind. That’s what you get with Driver Ed in a Box—a state-approved, detailed, thorough approach to guiding you, the parent, through the process of coaching your teen to become a collision-free driver. Choose the format you want. Collision-free results guaranteed or your money back.”

Dual Credit at HomeDual Credit at Home

$200 off 49-week Study Plan
We provide a 49-week Study Plan that walks students through the process of earning dual credit for core high school/college subjects. High school subjects are completed at the college level, and upon graduation students are well on their way to earning their regionally accredited bachelor’s degrees.

FEAST Bookstore

10% discount
Family Educators Alliance of South Texas (FEAST) and THSC have been serving the home schoolers of Texas since the mid-1980s. We at FEAST would like to show our appreciation to FEAST and THSC members by giving a year-round discount on all curriculum, gifts, and educational games purchased in-store or online. You must be both a THSC member and a subscriber with FEAST.

HEP Bookstore

10% discount
The HEP (Home Education Partnership of Texas) Bookstore is located in Houston and has provided curriculum to the Texas home school community for 12 years. They are pleased to help THSC members save money when purchasing their home school curricula.

Homeschool Spanish AcademyHomeschool Spanish Academy

10% off any program package
Learn Spanish fluently online from the comfort of your own home. Get 1-on-1, private, Spanish immersion lessons via Skype with a live, native, Spanish-speaking instructor. Learn fast, speak fluently, start now!


$45 off IDMyPlan’s Career Start Program
IDMyPlan provides professional, personalized career guidance for young adults. Through the seven-module Career Start, your student will: 101-Identify Strengths; 102- Discover Motivating Activities; 103-Build Work-Style Profile and ID; 104-Find Career Options; 105-Learn to Use Work-Style ID Card for Interviews and Evaluations; 106-Search for Education; and 107-Develop Goals and Enlist Support.

Liberty Mutual InsuranceLiberty Mutual

Special savings, benefits, & competitive rates on home & auto insurance
Take advantage of the Liberty Mutual Advantage®.  This unique program allows you access to high-quality auto, home, and renters insurance.

Mega Mortgage of Texas

20% off Broker Fees
Mortgages in Texas – Purchase, construction, land, and refinance loans. THSC members receive 20% discount on all mortgage broker fees.

Free quote on insurance programs
Get free online quotes by some of the nation’s top insurance companies on popular coverages for Term Life, Supplemental Health, Auto, Cancer, Critical Care, Accident, Disability, Next Day Coverage and Student Health Insurance. Makes buying many types of insurance easier and faster by reducing it to its simplest terms.

My Favorite Campground

50 % off reservations
My Favorite Campground is privately owned by a home school family. The camp offers a 50% discount off the posted price of an RV full hook-up site to THSC members for reservations Sunday through Thursday nights (except holidays; subject to availability).

Samaritan Ministries

$165 first-year membership fee waived
Samaritan Ministries International is a community of Christians from around the world joining together to bear one another’s health care burdens in a loving, cost-effective manner that doesn’t involve health insurance. Partner with caring believers, praying and sharing in one another’s medical needs.

Teenpact Leadership Schools

$20 off the Political Communication class with 4-day class purchase
TeenPact Leadership Schools train 8- to 19-year-olds to understand the political process, to value their liberty, to defend the Christian faith, and to engage the culture—at a time of life when, typically, they are not interested in such things. The Texas TeenPact State Capitol class in Austin and national alumni events are “changing lives to change the world.”

Transcript Boot Camp on DVD

10% discount and free shipping
Get your teens involved and learn how to produce credible, professional high school transcripts that will be respected. Includes 4 hours on DVD, a 76-page syllabus in a PDF format, and a handsome storage case. ($79 value)

TranscriptPro Home School Transcript Generator

10% discount and free shipping
Phenomenal CD-ROM software includes a built-in Carnegie Unit calculator, which makes it easy to assign credits, a GPA Calculator that tallies a running grade point average, and Inge Cannon’s detailed instructions. ($49 value)

UberSmart Software

50% off software
UberSmart Math Facts is a proven computer program for memorizing the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts to the point of mastery. A progress graph shows how the student is advancing, and a certificate is awarded to the student upon mastering a skill.